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Country: Austria

Chaoticxstarlight; GMT-6

  • Human name: Roderich Edelstein
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: October 26th
  • Personality: Roderich is the calm, serious type. He is more likely to be found playing the piano than socializing with others. Usually eating a dessert of some kind when found eating. Very interested in the musical arts, sewing, and baking. Does not like being teased about his hobbies, or his job, and can have a short temper at weak moments. Does not like wasting money, or getting his clothes stained and/or ripped. Takes his job seriously, doing his best at his job, but saving his true kink for his intimate bed partners, not his job.
  • Job: Gay pornography star.
  • Talents: Musically apt(Piano, Violin, Clarinet), Baking, Waltzing/charming.