Country: Brazil

  • ProfLaytonFan; GMT-4
  • Human name: Rosamaria Silva
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: July 17
  • Personality: She's understanding of people of any kind, she treats people as equally as possable, she's a hardworker, she's rich, but not as rich and popular as the others, she has bad habbits with her money as in shopping alot and loosing most of it.
  • Appearance: She wears a long red dress with a belt of the colors of the Brazil flag,where she was born. It also has the same pattern on the bottom of the dress. She has bright blue eyes with silver eye liner on with red lipstick. She has a red and green bow on her haid and red earings and also has a pearl necklace and bracelets.
  • Job: Singer
  • Talents: She can calm a animal down with her vivid blue eyes and soft singing. She can also hit high notes with even trying.