Bridges to Burn
Studio album by Arthur Kirkland


30 March 2011




Alternative rock, Punk rock, Britpop


Auswhal Corp.

Bridges to Burn is the third studio album from British musician Arthur Kirkland, released on 30 March 2011; preceded by the 2010 album Mr. England.


The album is, so far, the most successful of Kirkland's three studio albums, the single "Check Yes Juliet" entering the charts at no. 1 in both the USA and UK on the week of its release. It also emerged as the most expensive of his album projects; the total costs of the production amounting to almost twice as much as the artist's two previous albums combined.

Writing and RecordingEdit

A statement from Aushwal before the release on the 30th March mentioned that the album would be closer to Kirkland's first than his second. Whereas the artist admits only a few songs from his second album, Mr. England, were actually all his own material, Bridges to Burn, like Illusion of Personal Territory, appears to be once again wholly written by Kirkland himself.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "I Surrender" 4.55
2. "Check Yes Juliet" 3.40
3. "Bridges to Burn" 5.04
4. "44" 3.12
5. "Fuck You" 7.31
6. "Dust to Dust" 3.55
7. "47" 6.53
8. "Good to You (featuring Elise Dumont)" 3.04
9. "Bend & Break" 3.38
10. "Inevitable" 3.47
11. "51" 8.22
12. "Anywhere but Here" 4.29
13. "Sod This For a Game of Soldiers" 2.01