Country: Czechoslovakia
Krasivyi; GMT-7
  • Human name: Janalyn Tomášek is his real name, but he changed his name- he's now known as Jay Tobie, no one but his parents in the Czech Republic know his real name, and he never tells anyone.
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: October 28
  • Personality: Jay is a complete drama queen. He's really nice on the inside, and is a little bit stubborn (read: tsundere) when you think about it. He cares about those he loves very very much and is quite easily upset. He's very very smart, but only a book-wise sense. Streets smarts seemed to have skipped him. He's unfathomably girly and sometimes even gets mistaken for one. He's a very talented singer, but that's sadly one of the only things he's good at. He likes to wear yellow pants. A lot. He's known for using cheesy pick-up lines and sucks at being manly in a relationship. He's a super bitch when he's angry, so don't pissing him of- you'll have a screeching, swearing faggot on your hands, and you don't want that, now do you?
  • Appearance: Jay is a young, effeminate looking man. He has short, slightly curly dark brown hair, littered on either side with two colourful clips. He has oddly dark eyes, and he always claims them to be black, and they are if you squint. His bangs fall over his left eye, which he's actually blind in. His skin is pretty fair, ad he's built pretty thin. He has long limbs and is unhealthily skinny. He is anorexic, kay thanks. He likes wearing really baggy but fashionable clothes...And he loves yellow pants. He's usually always wearing yellow pants. YELLOW PANTS.
  • Job: Very Famous Singer
  • Talents: Singing is basically Jay's only talent. He can't dance and he's a horrible actor. He's not exactly musically inclined when it comes to instruments, but he can play a few songs on the piano and violin.