Country: Estonia
Churrios; GMT-7
  • Human name: Eduard von Bock
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: February 24
  • Personality: Eduard may be young, but he is perhaps one of the more mature characters around, and not to mention, probably the smartest. In other words, people always seem surprised to find out his true age. Eduard is calculating, witty, talented, and friendly... perhaps on the charming side, once you get passed the... raging nerd he is. So yes, he looooves computers, perhaps more than people, maybe. However, he also enjoys things like festivals and his friends, so he isn’t a complete mole! ...Although he does live in his parents’ basement...
  • Job: Indie film director, screen writer, and editor. He also dabbles in computer-generated imagery for special effects. However, this is all part-time, for he is still a student. An ace student.
  • Talents: Anything computer related, keeping his skin all white and pasty, extreme segway riding, oh yeah, and making killer-awesome movies no matter the budget and time he has to spend on them.