Country: Laos
KuraiYukita; GMT+2
  • Human name: Iksuda Sengaroun
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: July 18
  • Personality: Iksuda is a nice kid. He wouldn't hurt anyone, which makes him seem rather weak. He's shy, seems to be scared most of the time. He doesn't start conversations, hides away most of the time. Iksuda is kind, gladly helps, and is rather gullible. If you scare him though? Oh it will hurt, trust me. ... Though, most of the time he just throws people away and makes a run for it.
    He's also Niran's adoptive brother.
  • Appearance: Laos ... Kindly ignore the object down there.
    As you see, Iksuda is a small, rather thin boy. Somewhat long, black/dark brown hair which covers his face most of the time. Brown eyed, brown skin.
  • Job: Model/Softcore porn actor
  • Talents: .. He's good with bombs. And creating "accidents". Which he almost never does, but yeah. He's pretty much Nirans little "secret agent".
    .. That's what his business card says anyway.