Nowhere Home

Directed By:

Samuel Louvre

Produced By:

Emily Watson

Screenplay By:

Samuel Louvre, Emily Watson

Story By:

Samuel Louvre

Based on Characters By:

Samuel Louvre, Adam Hamilton


Alfred F. Jones, Elia Bellemont, Guy Manning, Ariel Xiao

Music by:

Kara Lee Syeung


Eric Gates

Editing by:

Asia Thompson

Distributed By:


Nowhere Home is a 2008 drama /action thriller film directed by FutureCAREER's Samuel Louvre. The film follows a mentally institutionalized man, named solely as Sven (Alfred F. Jones ) who has amnesia and tries to retrace his life with only documents given to him by his psychologist and the police who would like to solve a murder case connected with the serial killer who's latest victim was allegedly Sven's younger sister, Emma.

Nowhere Home was released on April 5th, 2008 in Canada , April 29th, 2008 in the United States , and May 6th in the United Kingdom . It's revenue worldwide is $501,320,055, and has won Best Upcoming Actor for Jones' performance as the ill-fated protagonist.


Nowhere Home begins with Sven (Alfred F. Jones) being monitored through security cameras as he has trouble sleeping, and is emotionally drained as he is furious and disheartened after hearing of his sister's, Emma (Elia Bellemont), murder. Detective Andrews (Guy Manning) begins to tell police that Sven was found at the scene of crime, where he had supposedly called the police after the homicide, and was asked further questions about what he had seen. The only problem, Andrews pointed out, was that records show that Sven isn't Emma's brother, but the man, himself, claims that he had been living with Emma ever since she was born; this makes Andrews to institutionalize him in the local Mental Institution, and file the man as a temporary amnesiac patient which Sven protests he has all his memories, and threatened to sue Andrews for unusual punishment on his case.