Country: Poland

  • RE-Tigress; GMT-7
  • Human name: Feliks Łukasiewicz ‎~<3
  • Age: Age 19 Silly teenagers
  • Birthday: November 11th
  • Personality: I mostly support a crossdressing!Poland, but believe he can have his serious, more manly moments given the right motivation and situation. He has a passion for fashion, making it a huge part in his life. This has made him more popular among the girls, being part of their group and being known as their 'Gay Boyfriend'. But he in fact, is bisexual and wouldn't hesitate to make a move on a woman he's taken interest to. Feliks is stubborn as a mule, and HATES when people misspell his name as 'Felix', as x does not exist in the Polish alphabet. He's uncontrollably shy in front of strangers, mostly mumbling and stuttering. But once he's gotten used to you, he'll stick to you like glue, usually causing some trouble, and being pretty annoying. Also, he's really quite self-centered, and doesn't care much for other people's lives, focusing and showing off his own.
  • Job: Intern; works with make-up and costumes
  • Talents: His wide, unlimited imagination has proven to show useful in his life, mainly in the arts. An expert sewer, with many small job he'd taken to think of, design, and create the perfect dress for models. (Or other outfit. ) Sometimes while alone, he sings to himself while sewing, and those for witness it say he does quite well. He also seems quite proud of being able to do the splits.