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Format!: "On ___ at ___, ___ was spotted with ___ at ___!"

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March 2011 SightingsEdit

  • On 24th March at night, Lovino Vargas was spotted having dinner with Antonio Carriedo at an Italian restaurant!
  • On 28th March all day, some scary pedo was seen running around everywhere dressed as Hannah Montana even though he's a 22yr old man...
  • On the 28th March, from noon to evening, some even older scary black pedo was seen running around dressed as Lola... It's rumored that he was forced by the Hannah Montana pedo...
  • On the morning of 29th March, Arthur Kirkland was spotted in the park at Disneyland, harassing a woman dressed as Tinkerbell.
  • On 29th March in the afternoon, Kiku Honda was spotted meeting three Disney princesses – Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White – at the "Meet the Princesses" spot in Fantasyland.

April 2011 SightingsEdit

  • On 1st April at mid-afternoon, Kiku Honda was spotted with Divinita Vargas at World Showcase, evidently on a date. Both were wearing traditional Japanese clothing.
  • On 2nd April very late at night and after both were drinking, Wang Yao was spotted going into Ivan Braginsky's hotel room for the rest of the night night.
  • On 3rd April at noon, Mathias Sørensen was spotted entering Robert Winslow 's room and staying in it for a long time.
  • On 7th April in the afternoon, Wang Yao was spotted tackling a cat to retrieve underwear with the Italian flag on them before the paparazzi could see (clearly, it failed). Ivan Braginsky commented that the underwear might belong to one Divinita Vargas (notably much younger than Yao).
  • On 13th April in the afternoon, Catarina Tareja Rodriguez was spotted having lunch with Lucia Huang at Natas Pastries. The two of them were seen sharing their meals.

May 2011 SightingsEdit

  • On 14th May in the evening, Elise Dumont was seen leaving the Bon Sejour lounge, clinging to the arm of Lovino Vargas. Onlookers say the two were off to get piercings together.
  • On 18th May in the afternoon, Lovino Vargas was seen getting his chest felt up by Im Yong Soo in an ice-cream parlour.
  • On 29th May in the afternoon, Francis Bonnefoy and Arthur Kirkland were seen making out in a men's department store.